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Online Working vs. Manual Working in Network Marketing Project

♠→All companies dealing with Online Business in the World from the day first have been doing the work with their specified procedure, rules and parameters through manual working. But Centurion Ascenders being the group of experts and professionals wanted to do something special and unique in the field of Online Business of Network Marketing. So they used to have meetings, discussions and deliberations on some specific and different lines. They analyzed the nature of present Online Business very minutely and did comparative study by different angles. They found the present way of manual working along with its features having very slow results. Apart from that there were many other problems and draw – backs also came into observation. So they kept out working to find out some solutions to make working easy, free of complications and result oriented. At last they succeeded and found the alternate ways & means in the shape of “Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center” after a long, tiring and day night struggle. If we talk about the difference in Manual Working and Online Working we can shortly explain in these words that;

♠→In Manual Working you are supposed to do 100 % work by yourself, and taking prospect to the support center was a difficult task but in Online working you only need to invite your friends to the Website . Remaining all the steps are to be performed in Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center. As 2nd step prospect has to watch Business Presentation for which arrangement has been made at this Website in the Presentation Room. After having watched the Business Presentation prospect is asked to come in Briefing Room for detailed briefing and to clear his/her all questions & confusions to the best of his/her satisfaction. After this next step is joining (Sign up). This step is performed within 15 to 20 minutes through Team viewer remote access at his/her computer and Online Account is generated with immediate effect. This Online Account becomes operational instantly and is ready to work on. The Online Working has been made very simple, smooth and easy through the theme of Centurion Ascenders Team.

♠→In Manual Working you can only target your circle of influence such as your friends, family, relatives, class – fellows and neighborers but in Online working you can invite the whole World through Internet social media websites. You can have a vast scope of prospecting from millions of people though one click.

♠→In case of Manual Working the availability of presenter or trainer is a big issue but in the Online Support Center you can get the information and guidance at any time 24/7 at your computer while sitting at your home.

♠→In Manual Support center the time of visitors and presenters is difficult to match and time management matters a lot. Where as in Online Working this facility is available for 24 hours at your computer & you can avail it when you become free. You can have this facility without any traveling and without any expenses. You can save time and money both without disturbing your daily working. Because time is very much important as well as traveling & transportation is very expensive.

♠→In the beginning in Manual Working due to not having complete knowledge it is not a piece of cake to answer the questions of friends and new prospects who would be introduced by you in this system but on the other hand in Online Working, Trainers and seniors are doing this for you immensely through Online Support Center. In fact this is great facility for you while you are a beginner in this field. And your 90% work as a support is being done by the trainers and seniors for you.

♠→If any of your friend would have discontinued his work then his team would also become dead in Manual Working because you only know some people of the start, not all of them & if your near and dear ones discontinue and skip out the system you will have to face difficulties of a big gap in the team which may lapse the contact, where as in Online Working through Online Support Center all the seniors and members are like a family, knowing and helping each other for prosperity & success of everyone. All the old and new members remain in close contact with seniors and trainers through this Online Support Center, so there is no question of gap and lapse of contacts if such thing happens to be.

♠→In Manual Working your down liners are always bound for you if they want to make joining of anyone in their teams because you are the only source to get dollars from. And if unluckily you are away from the point where you are not in such a position to send dollars or you are not accessible then the situation may be complicated. In such critical situation new prospect is not in the position to wait. But in Online Working if anyone wants to execute a joining (Sign up) he or she can ask any of available trainers in the Online Support Center for help at any time and complicated situation can never arise.

♠→You must have to visit Manual Support Center for the training’s along with your team members in Manual Working. While there are many problems of traveling expenses, time coordination with Members and time it becomes issue in this busy life. But now in Online Working through Online Support Center you can have all the information at your doorstep through your own computer at any time without spending time & without any traveling expenses.

♠→In Manual Working those who have joined first are considered as seniors even if they are active Member or in active Members but in Online Working those who have better knowledge and more eligibility at any stage can become seniors in even a very short time. So everyone has open scope to go on fast track of Golden Opportunity and Success.

Visitors referred in Briefing Room after Project Presentation

Visitors who come after watching the Business Presentation Video, immediately after entering into the Main Room tell the Centurion Ascenders Team Members through chat Text Message that they have watched the Business Presentation Video and are ready to get further guidance. They are advised to go in Briefing Room for further guidance. There are 10 Briefing Rooms where Expert and qualified Trainers remain present all the time to guide the visitors simultaneously to get optimum results in a short time. There are both facilities are available to get briefing through voice chat and through chat text message in the briefing room.

Click on Briefing Tab at the Top of this page, In the New Tab you will find “Guest Login” Check that Box and Enter Your Full Name in User-name Box field and then click on Login, You will be enter in Briefing Room, First of all trainer asks the visitor(prospect) few questions from that Business Presentation to assess his/her knowledge about that presentation then afterwards detailed briefing is given to the visitor(prospect) about this Online Earning Project. Visitor (prospect) is also allowed to ask any question regarding this business or anything which is not clear to him/her out of that presentation. So through question/answer trainer tries to clear his/her concepts to the best satisfaction of visitor (prospect).

At the end visitor (prospect) is given “WILL” and after full satisfaction visitor (prospect) is allowed to leave and take the time for making decision. When visitor (prospect) afterwards decides to join this platform he/she again contacts the seniors and trainers in the Main Room and makes request for the last step which is joining (sign up). This is the closing step.