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Company Presentation by Centurion Ascenders

After having login at the ( every new visitor can view the Navigation Menu. In the Navigation Menu there is tab of Presentation. New visitor is asked to go on that tab of “Presentation” and click on it. In the result a form will be opened before him/her. He/she has to fill up that form and put the Reference ID of that person who gave the link of this website. Then click on “Submit” it will give the access to the Presentation room. There is Business Presentation Video, visitor is asked to play that video and watch it completely with full concentration. After watching the Presentation he/she has to come back in the Main Room where trainers are available to give detailed briefing and to clear all his/her questions and confusions regarding this Online Earning Opportunity. Centurion Ascenders Team Members are available there to guide them very patiently and politely.

Visitors referred in Briefing Room after Project Presentation

Visitors who come after watching the Business Presentation Video, immediately after entering into the Main Room tell the Centurion Ascenders Team Members through chat Text Message that they have watched the Business Presentation Video and are ready to get further guidance. They are advised to go in Briefing Room for further guidance. There are 10 Briefing Rooms where Expert and qualified Trainers remain present all the time to guide the visitors simultaneously to get optimum results in a short time. There are both facilities are available to get briefing through voice chat and through chat text message in the briefing room. Click on Briefing Tab at the Top of this page, In the New Tab you will find “Guest Login” Check that Box and Enter Your Full Name in User-name Box field and then click on Login, You will be enter in Briefing Room, First of all trainer asks the visitor(prospect) few questions from that Business Presentation to assess his/her knowledge about that presentation then afterwards detailed briefing is given to the visitor(prospect) about this Online Earning Project. Visitor (prospect) is also allowed to ask any question regarding this business or anything which is not clear to him/her out of that presentation. So through question/answer trainer tries to clear his/her concepts to the best satisfaction of visitor (prospect). At the end visitor (prospect) is given “WILL” and after full satisfaction visitor (prospect) is allowed to leave and take the time for making decision. When visitor (prospect) afterwards decides to join this platform he/she again contacts the seniors and trainers in the Main Room and makes request for the last step which is joining (sign up). This is the closing step.