"Centurion Ascenders" Pioneers of Online Network Marketing

“Centurion Ascenders” Pioneers of Online Network Marketing

There is no doubt that Vision Wills has introduced idealistic platform in the current environment with new ideology and notions of Online Business with few steps forward in this level playing field with its unbeatable & unmatchable business plans to compensate the working team with the Company by bonding the long lasting relationship with the Members. And giving more respect and status along with unique & attractive working plan Centurion Ascenders have come forward  with them to give new dimensions with new Working Theme through Online Support Center by producing an out class professionals called “Pioneers Centurion Ascenders” with extraordinary caliber & skills to lead the Centurion Ascenders Team to the destination. They have attained the status of Pioneers of Online Network Marketing. Because they have shifted the Manual Working into Online Working for which they deserve the appreciation from all classes of people for their efforts.

10% work VS 90% work

10% Work VS 90% Work

This is the main thing on which it needs to pay attention for new prospects and visitors who visit the website with the intention to join the Vision Wills Online Earning Platform to make their families prosperous and financially sound in the current critical circumstances. This factor for which the Centurion Ascenders Team after a great struggle made a new Online Working Platform ( http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/ ) with the name of “Centurion Ascenders Online Business Information & Support Center”. This factor makes distinguished whole Centurion Ascenders Team from all the Manual Working Teams and Groups working either on Vision Wills Platform or any other Online Business doing company. This point (10% work vs. 90% work) distinguishes Centurion Ascenders Team from other Manual Working Groups. According to the new working theme of Centurion Ascenders every new prospect who joins Vision Wills Platform through Centurion Ascenders has to work only 10% in the beginning while remaining 90% work is being done by the trainers and seniors through this Online Support Center. And for this 10% work every new member is provided training’s like I-T Training, e-Commerce, I-Banking & Confidence Building Sessions and full knowledge about this Vision Wills Online Earning Platform. Every new member is supposed to do only 10% work in the beginning until the time when he/she becomes the senior. In this 10% work he/she has to invite friends and new prospects into this Online Support Center and Member has to advise new prospect to go in the Navigation Menu. Where he/she will find a tab “Presentation” click on that tab and a form will open before him/her. Fill up that form and there is an option of Reference ID. Member has to give his/her Vision Wills User ID to put in that column. After completion submit that form and he/she will get access to Presentation Room. Then after watching the Business Presentation Video with full concentration he/she has to come back in Lounge Main Room for further guidance. For detailed briefing, questions & queries regarding this online working until he/she is fully satisfied. Then he/she is given “will” to take accurate decision with making his mind clear that this is team work and all seniors and trainers will be available to help him. This is collective effort & support to make this journey more pleasant & successful. Because we think “Let’s Fly Together”, we are like a Family. According to basic concept seniors and trainers know that their success is connected with the success of down liners. So they never ignore this fact.

Achievements Certificates of Centurion Ascenders

Achievements Certificates of Centurion Ascenders

Achievement Certificates of Centurion Ascenders have also been displayed there, so that visitors may know that Centurion Ascenders are qualified and professional and they have got all the training’s and knowledge about this work. They during training’s pass tests and after that get status of a qualified trainer. Centurion Ascenders also conduct sessions for character and personality building. They are taught the manners that how to behave like professional with the new visitors. How they have to provide them guidance about Online Earning Platform of Vision Wills to change their life with little effort through this platform. Because people used to see big dreams in the previous decades but they could not come true in their lives. Because due to non-awareness and they could find no source to alleviate their poverty and at last they had to go to the graves with all their dreams. How this was tragic? But now a days we are very lucky that we have awareness due to education about all the resources which can change our lives and we can change all the deprivations in to not only opportunities but also in prosperity &bright future practically in few months or years but if we have positive mental approach and if we are well determined to change our lives. We are very lucky that we have got a platform through which we can change all impossibilities in to possibilities now. There are lots of golden opportunities around us but those are lucky people who avail them and change their lives miraculously within short time. On the other hand who don’t accept those golden opportunities to change their lives remains deprived of all those benefits which are normally attached with these Life changing opportunities. And this is our good luck that Vision Wills is the company which has introduced unique plan through which our big dreams can come true amazingly within short time. But unfortunate people are still hesitating to accept this Golden Opportunity. Remember one thing that “If you born poor that is not your fault but if you die poor that will be definitely your mistake”. Hints are always there but for wise person only.

Are Vision Dollars transferable from one user to another?

Are Vision Dollars transferable from one user to another?

Yes of course, these can be transferred between one Member and another. In order to transfer, the beneficiary must be a Vision Wills Member.

Ascenders Zone (Meeting Rooms of Centurion Ascenders Team)

Ascenders Zone (Meetings of Centurion Ascenders Team)

Centurion Ascenders have two Boardrooms for different meetings and training’s. Centurion Ascenders have a special pattern of working. They conduct meetings and get together to discuss various matters which can enhance the pace of their Online Working. They often call meetings of Members when they have to take decision to boost up their working. They let all the Senior Members to join in discussion whenever a new concept is introduced to make the Online Earning Opportunity better. They think to review the working and updating the knowledge of their Members brings more fruits and Members work in more enthusiastic way. In this way senior up line remains in contact with down line and new suggestions to boost up the working are appreciated from different Members during the meetings. New instructions consisting on knowledge regarding the website http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/ are conveyed to all the Members to update their knowledge, to keep them motivated and confident about their working and they are guided through different angles to get maximum achievement and output. Members are recommended to convey the working theme to the youngsters who are searching for jobs from time to time at different websites and those needy people actually deserve to be helped and given guidance to approach such working idea of smart work. There are many people around the World seeking for job of such nature which they can do and carry with their studies. There are many students who want to be self-supporters. Centurion Ascenders give business tips to the Members during the meetings and ask them to avoid those things which may create obstacles in their path & this journey of success. Those are also advised to convey all this knowledge to their down line as soon as possible. And keep monitoring their progress on daily basis by reminding all the Members that they have joined this platform to get regular income and to take their families out of financial crisis. As they are committed to change their life.

Assign different tasks to Centurion Ascenders in Ascenders Zone

Assign different tasks to Centurion Ascenders in Ascenders Zone

Ascenders Zone is very important section of this Website. In this section new visitors are not allowed to enter. Only Centurion Ascenders are allowed to access this section. Centurion Ascenders can have access through this tab to Board Rooms, Training Section is also in their access through this tab. If Centurion Ascenders need to search about the visitors’ record they can do it through “Visitors Search” option in this tab. Similarly any Centurion Ascenders can check Members information as per requirement at any time through “Members Search”.

Availability of English and Urdu Presentation videos

Availability of English and Urdu Presentation videos

In the Presentation Room facility of Business Presentation Video has been provided for all new visitors. Business Presentation Video is available in two languages.

♠→Business Presentation Video (Recorded) in Urdu Language.

♠→Business Presentation Video (Recorded) in English Language.

Every new visitor has facility to select Business Presentation in either language and after watching it can come again in Main Room for further guidance. As trainers and seniors are present in Main Room 24 hours.

Bank Account Details for the payment of Product

Bank Account Details for the payment of Product

The most important matter is Remittances to the company from all over the World. Centurion Ascenders have made arrangements to provide maximum facility to the prospects to make the system of remittances to Vision Wills Company easier from all over the World. For this purpose Centurion Ascenders are operating different Bank Accounts from different countries but as the working is at initial stages and the network needs to be expanded as soon as possible. On special request & efforts of Centurion Ascenders Team, Vision Wills Company Owners are helping out to provide the facilities of Remittances from maximum countries very soon. Centurion Ascenders Team is very grateful for this special favor of Vision Wills Company.

Can I make money through other online businesses while working for Vision Wills?

Can I make money through other online businesses while working for Vision Wills?

It is strictly prohibited by Vision Wills, its active Members can’t take part in other online business while earning from Vision Wills at the same time. Members who are found guilty of being involved in other online business beside Vision Wills may be terminated without prior notice as per our terms and conditions.

Confidence-Building sessions of Centurion Ascenders

Confidence-Building sessions of Centurion Ascenders in Ascenders Zone

Experience shows that proper & relevant knowledge gives confidence to anybody. When Members are provided relevant technical knowledge it improves their skill and when added general knowledge by considering human psychology & general public trends, behavior with polite attitude it builds confidence along with professionalism. Parameters to build confidence are kept in mind while training sessions of Members are conducted. They are taught to have a good command over the working and to grow leadership qualities to lead big teams in future. They should also be good listeners. They should be cool minded and well determined with always positive mental approach. They should be motivated and have a strong relationship with down line as well as with up line simultaneously.

Do I have to recruit a number of people as Vision Wills Members to be able to earn commission?

Do I have to recruit a number of people as Vision Wills Members to be able to earn commission?

Certainly not. You have to introduce only 2 members in the beginning and then provide them training at Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center through Trainers and then these 2 will work with your and other seniors’ help. You along with those 2 will be successful. Our slogan is “Let’s fly together”. This is team work and seniors will help you to be successful.

Does Vision Wills plan have some sort of hidden charges or payment modules?

Does Vision Wills plan have some sort of hidden charges or payment modules?

Vision Wills plan is quite clear & straight forward. You purchase a product from the online store and get a choice to become a Member of Vision Wills without paying anything extra. There are no hidden charges at all.

Guidance of visitor after watching Project Presentation

Guidance of visitor after watching Project Presentation.

To watch Business Presentation is must for all the new visitors who are interested to get knowledge of online earning or who want to join this system to make their lives prosperous. In this Business Presentation prospect comes to know basic things like what is the work, what is the scope of income in this work, how the work is to do and what is the procedure & pre-requisites to join this Vision Wills Platform. What Centurion Ascenders Team will provide the help after joining this platform etc.

How can a Member get his terminated account reactivated if he is found guilty of working for other online business or due to involvement in any unethical practice?

How can a Member get his terminated account reactivated if he is found guilty of working for other online business or due to involvement in any unethical practice?

That can only happen if the terminated Member’s team (down line + up line) files a consensual petition against the Member before the Vision Wills Management and willing to accept him again in his/her former place. On receiving such a request Vision Wills Management will consider to reinstate the terminated Member however all the earnings during terminated period will be confiscated by Management without any further negotiations.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

How can I withdraw my Earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings either through a telegraphic transfer to the bank of your choice (conditions apply), through PayPal or through Payza.

How do I make payments to Vision Wills?

How do I make payments to Vision Wills?

You can make payments to Vision Wills by following ways with the help of our Trainers at Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center.

♠→Through Pay Pal,

♠→Through Payza,

♠→Through Bank Transfer,

♠→Through any Fast Cash Service (Easypaisa, Mobicash, Timepey & Western Union/ Moneygram etc.)

How does Vision Wills pay the Commission?

How does Vision Wills pay the Commission?

Vision Wills provides commission in the form of Dollars (which is Vision Wills Currency).

How to Enter Name in Chat-Box? / Visitors Guidance for Enter their names

How to Enter Name in Chat-Box? / Visitors Guidance for Enter their Names

As soon as new visitors get login the website http://www.centurion-ascenders.com they at first step after Welcome are guided through a message instruction to change their auto generated ID with real name so that they may get information regarding this Online Business by appearing with their real names. Appearance with real name for new visitors is must because trainers should know that to whom he/she is talking. When new visitors come to login this website they are allotted Web generated ID. To guide at the first step for changing auto generated ID with real name. New visitors are advised to click on the instruction displayed at the top of the Main Room to click on option.  Which shows a demo where a window is opened before the visitor. In that window it is guided that go on option of “Name” and write your real name there afterwards click on “OK” to complete the process of name changing. You will see in the main room your real name will appear in the users’ list at the right phase of the main room. Once the new visitor changes his/her name is saved in the system and next time no need to adopt this process for name changing. Apart from that Centurion Ascenders Team Members are available in the Main Room to guide the new visitors if they need any help to understand the system and procedure of website.

How to Enter Name in Chat-Box?

How to Get Support from Admin? / For Visitors Support

How to Get Support from Admin?

For Visitor Support ¤Even though Centurion Ascenders are available there in the Lounge (Main Room) 24 hours yet the facility has been provided there to support new visitors as they are not familiar with the system. They will contact Admin through the tab of “Support” in the Navigation Bar. They will generate a ticket and fill up a form with personal information i.e. name, cell number, and email address, city and country name. And he/she will click on “Submit” to send the Admin. Admin will reply him/her within next few minutes at his/her email. So this is quick response system for new visitors to attend them on urgent basis.

Ask for help to get the user ID of their reference ¤→ New visitors can contact through “Support” tab and ask Admin to send Business Presentation Video Link. Or they can request Admin to send the “Vision Wills User ID” of the person who is their “Reference” or who gave them the link of this Website to visit for further knowledge. Then Admin will send him the User ID of the said person to the visitor on his/her emails immediately. Because if somebody wants to get access to the Business Presentation Room he/she needs Reference ID to put in the form otherwise access to Presentation Room is not possible. So if someone does not have the Reference ID to access the Presentation Room he/she must have to contact Admin through “Support” tab and request for Reference ID. Admin will provide the Reference ID him/her for the sake of access in Presentation Room.

For Members Support ¤ The same purpose of this “Support” tab is for the Centurion Ascenders Members. They can also generate a ticket and fill in with any problem or issue they have and send it to the Admin. Admin will reply them with the correct and relevant answer of their question or problem on their Mail Inbox. It means that there is no hesitation for anyone to contact Admin for the solution of their problem. And Admin takes prompt action on that ticket.

Difficulty in accessing the Ascenders Zone (Log-in issues) ¤ If any Member is facing problem to access Ascenders Zone he/she can contact Admin through this “Support” tab for the solution of this problem. He/she will be guided properly that how they can get access to the Ascenders Zone.

Products delivery issue ¤ If any Member has any problem in product delivery or wants to know the status of the product he/she can contact to know the status of his/her product or any of down liner’s product’s status too. Admin will give them reply as soon as possible after tracking process about the product and its delivery time. In this way Admin is always monitoring the working of the members as well as their issues so that they remain motivated all the time in this journey of success. Because “Let’s Fly together- Sky is the Limit”

Payment Issues ¤ If any Member is facing any problem in sending or receiving payment, he/she can contact to get reply and solution of that problem through generating the ticket and by mentioning the issue in the ticket and send to Admin. His/her reply will be received through email without any delay.

Complaint about system or working ¤ If any of Members or visitors wants to give any suggestion or has any complaint about the system or working that can also be sent to Admin. They will respond with immediate effect. If somebody wants to give appreciation or any comments to Admin regarding this Online Support Center it will also be appreciated with thanks and will be considered in the next Board Meeting Agenda.

How to Search (Members & Visitors) ?

Search (Members & Visitors)

So many facilities have been provided in the Website to all visitors and Centurion Ascenders Members. Because Centurion Ascenders are permanent members of this Online Support Center so they have no restriction to have approach to any section of the Online Support Center at Website. Website System keeps all the record of visitors saved as well as record of all the Centurion Ascenders Members who have become part of this platform permanently. Centurion Ascenders can check the record of all the visitors and Members at any time through this option to be aware of the working record of all the team. This provides the facility to update the record and all information regarding the online working and potential of the Members along with visitors’ number who visit the Online Support Center on daily basis. All the record of Members as well as Visitors is saved in this part of Online Support Center.

I have completed my group volume 3/3 within 30 days of signing up. So do I get Vision Bonus and my commission both?

I have completed my group volume 3/3 within 30 days of signing up. So do I get Vision Bonus and my commission both?

If you complete your group volume 3/3 during your introductory period of 30 days, you will only get the Vision Bonus based on your plan type while the remaining volume will be carried forward to your unpaid sales which is 2/2. Once you have 1 new Member in each wing (left and right), your unpaid sales will be 3/3 and which entitles you to Step Reward Commission based on the type of Plan.

I signed up one Member on my left & one on my right side of the tree yet I still haven’t received my Vision Bonus. Why?

I signed up one Member on my left and one on my right side of the tree yet I still haven’t received my Vision Bonus. Why?

Make sure that you have signed up the new Members within the designated time frame of Vision Bonus. If you have signed up both Members and even one of them after the 30 days of your initial sign up, you will not be entitled to receive Vision Bonus.

I-T, I-Banking & E-Commerce Training's in Ascenders Zone.

Informational Technology, Internet-Banking & E-Commerce Training’s in Ascenders Zone

Full working environment has been created to arrange all types of training for all Centurion Ascenders. I-T Training’s are provided to the Members through which they learn that how to access the website, to visit all sections of the Website during working. And they are taught that how they can get maximum benefits from this site in a very short time. They are taught that how they can transfer their funds through I – Banking system which is the fastest facility to transfer funds from one account to another account within seconds without any problem and difficulty. They are taught that how to convert & transform their effort into good results. They are told how they can expedite their work and how they will get access to expertise the other facilities provided at Centurion Ascenders Website to get better experience and to convey that knowledge and experience to their down lines. To get knowledge and experience of these things it is very important for all Members to prove this team the best team of the World. As they have to lead the teams from all over the World so they must have good proficiency and caliber along with skill and knowledge of all these things.

Nature of Work in Vision Wills? / How Vision Wills works?

Nature of Work/ How it works?

Vision wills is not average run of the mill shopping portal where purpose is just to purchase a few goods and be on your way. Vision wills takes the notion of shopping one step ahead by creating a long lasting bond between the buyer and seller where the collective benefits are mutual. In the World where opportunity to provide a steady source of income is as precious as gold, Vision Wills strive to generate a lucrative stream of benefits to its Members whenever they make a purchase from its Online Store.

Vision Wills wishes to transcend the consumer and seller relation to an entirely new level where a shopper ends up earning a handsome amount while spending less. With such high moral and financial standards, we consider our customers the Members of the Vision Wills philosophy thus elevating their status from a mere consumer to an honorable Member.

Based upon some of the best features of Network Marketing and Direct Sales, on one platform first time in the history of World & in the best interest of people which has made the working incredible. Vision Wills pride is its insanely flexible compensation plan that distinguishes it from regular Network Marketing Companies who smother their customers with unrealistic and painfully tight compensation plans with nothing but dimes and peanuts for reward.

This is the ultimate goal of Vision Wills to be pioneer of a system where every Member is given a chance to get more out of his purchase. With our amazing selection of products and extremely attractive compensation plans. We conclude with pleasure that Vision Wills is a name that we wish to associate with prosperity and trust.

Online Support Center

“Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center”

Centurion Ascenders Team has a unique idea to promote the Online Working in all over the World with in short period of time and with utmost ease. Secondly, keeping in view the future needs and requirements. Everyone was dreaming of a huge set up with boundary less working when a time comes to lead a very big team and to meet their future requirements Centurion Ascenders took very important decision to develop an Online Platform which may fulfill the needs of a huge team in all fields & with all aspects. So they after long discussions and deliberations floated an idea to make a platform where every facility should be available for future in shape of computerized system to the whole team. So they conducted mutual discussions on multiple dimensions and resultantly they agreed on idea which was supported by a slogan “Let’s Fly Together – Sky is the Limit”. This bright idea gave path to the new working direction and consequently directions of work were set and efforts began to start on the right direction. So Pioneers Centurion Ascenders settled about the framework of this Online Support Center. Which afterwards having modified came in the current shape of “Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center”. The work of Online Network Marketing is going on with full confidence and satisfaction and is result oriented in all respects. We are thankful to Almighty Allah who helped us to move in the right direction and finally we achieved our target to make journey of whole Centurion Ascenders Team sophisticated and smooth in all the way. Centurion Ascenders are working through this Online Support Center and showing the best results than ever.

Online working vs. Manual working in Network Marketing

Online Working vs. Manual Working

♠→All companies dealing with Online Business in the World from the day first have been doing the work with their specified procedure, rules and parameters through manual working. But Centurion Ascenders being the group of experts and professionals wanted to do something special and unique in the field of Online Business of Network Marketing. So they used to have meetings, discussions and deliberations on some specific and different lines. They analyzed the nature of present Online Business very minutely and did comparative study by different angles. They found the present way of manual working along with its features having very slow results. Apart from that there were many other problems and draw – backs also came into observation. So they kept out working to find out some solutions to make working easy, free of complications and result oriented. At last they succeeded and found the alternate ways & means in the shape of “Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center” after a long, tiring and day night struggle. If we talk about the difference in Manual Working and Online Working we can shortly explain in these words that;

♠→In Manual Working you are supposed to do 100 % work by yourself, and taking prospect to the support center was a difficult task but in online working you only need to invite your friends to the Website http://www.centurion-ascenders.com . Remaining all the steps are to be performed in Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center. As 2nd step prospect has to watch Business Presentation for which arrangement has been made at this Website in the Presentation Room. After having watched the Business Presentation prospect is asked to come in Briefing Room for detailed briefing and to clear his/her all questions & confusions to the best of his/her satisfaction. After this next step is joining (Sign up). This step is performed within 15 to 20 minutes through Team viewer remote access at his/her computer and Online Account is generated with immediate effect. This Online Account becomes operational instantly and is ready to work on. The Online Working has been made very simple, smooth and easy through the theme of Centurion Ascenders Team.

♠→In Manual Working you can only target your circle of influence such as your friends, family, relatives, class – fellows and neighbourers but in online working you can invite the whole World through internet social media websites. You can have a vast scope of prospecting from millions of people though one click.

♠→In case of Manual Working the availability of presenter or trainer is a big issue but in the Online Support Center you can get the information and guidance at any time 24/7 at your computer while sitting at your home.

♠→In Manual Support center the time of visitors and presenters is difficult to match and time management matters a lot. Where as in Online Working this facility is available for 24 hours at your computer & you can avail it when you become free. You can have this facility without any travelling and without any expenses. You can save time and money both without disturbing your daily working. Because time is very much important as well as travelling & transportation is very expensive.

♠→In the beginning in Manual Working due to not having complete knowledge it is not a piece of cake to answer the questions of friends and new prospects who would be introduced by you in this system but on the other hand in Online Working, Trainers and seniors are doing this for you immensely through Online Support Center. In fact this is great facility for you while you are a beginner in this field. And your 90% work as a support is being done by the trainers and seniors for you.

♠→If any of your friend would have discontinued his work then his team would also become dead in Manual Working because you only know some people of the start, not all of them & if your near and dear ones discontinue and skip out the system you will have to face difficulties of a big gap in the team which may lapse the contact, where as in Online Working through Online Support Center all the seniors and members are like a family, knowing and helping each other for prosperity & success of everyone. All the old and new members remain in close contact with seniors and trainers through this Online Support Center, so there is no question of gap and lapse of contacts if such thing happens to be.

♠→In Manual Working your down liners are always bound for you if they want to make joining of anyone in their teams because you are the only source to get dollars from. And if unluckily you are away from the point where you are not in such a position to send dollars or you are not accessible then the situation may be complicated. In such critical situation new prospect is not in the position to wait. But in Online Working if anyone wants to execute a joining (Sign up) he or she can ask any of available trainers in the Online Support Center for help at any time and complicated situation can never arise.

♠→You must have to visit Manual Support Center for the training’s along with your team members in Manual Working. While there are many problems of travelling expenses, time coordination with Members and time it becomes issue in this busy life. But now in Online Working through Online Support Center you can have all the information at your doorstep through your own computer at any time without spending time & without any travelling expenses.

♠→In Manual Working those who have joined first are considered as seniors even if they are active Member or in active Members but in Online Working those who have better knowledge and more eligibility at any stage can become seniors in even a very short time. So everyone has open scope to go on fast track of Golden Opportunity and Success.


PayPal (Payment Gateway)

An electronic payment gateway, PayPal is a mode of online payment accepted worldwide for sending and receiving payments.


Payza (Payment Gateway)

An electronic payment gateway, Payza is a mode of online payment accepted worldwide for sending and receiving payments.

Presentation Room at Centurion Ascenders Forum

Presentation Room at Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center

After having login at the http://www.centurion-ascenders.com every new visitor can view the Navigation Menu. In the Navigation Menu there is tab of Presentation. New visitor is asked to go on that tab of “Presentation” and click on it. In the result a form will be opened before him/her. He/she has to fill up that form and put the Reference ID of that person who gave the link of this website. Then click on “Submit” it will give the access to the Presentation room. There is Business Presentation Video, visitor is asked to play that video and watch it completely with full concentration. After watching the Presentation he/she has to come back in the Main Room where trainers are available to give detailed briefing and to clear all his/her questions and confusions regarding this Online Earning Opportunity. Centurion Ascenders Team Members are available there to guide them very patiently and politely.

Product Range of Vision Wills

Product Range of the Company

Vision Wills has introduced 2 types of products in very vast range.

♠→Jewelry Products  Exclusive & Designed made jewelry (with the message: Stay glamorous with Vision Wills).

♠→Virtual Products

Promotional offers for Members in Vision Wills

Promotional offers for Member`s

Along with lucrative income Vision Wills Members have many other benefits to get motivated. Apart from lucrative income and other benefits Vision Wills gives Bonus Step Reward, direct Sales Reward and Members’ Saving Bank Facility.

Above all Vision Wills offers different Promotions to motivate the Members. And to keep them enthusiastic through many promotions at different occasions offered from time to time. Members achieve their targets and win different prizes. How amazing it is!

Protected Presentation Room (without user ID of your reference you can’t access that)

Protected Presentation Room (without user ID of your reference you can’t access that)

Business Presentation Room is protected and new visitor can’t have access into it. There is requirement of Reference ID to get access into that room. Without User ID (Reference ID) no one can be given access to the Presentation Room.

Registration of Vision Wills

Registration of Vision Wills

Vision wills is a legally authenticated and registered in UK. Lawfully registered Vision Wills functions as a legitimate Network Marketing Enterprise. Vision Wills Headquarter being located in UK is of great importance according to the business point of view. Due to this reason Vision Wills has advantage to operate and perform its activities globally.

Vision Wills Registration Certificate.

Vision Wills Registration Certificate.

Suspended Users / Members

Suspended Users / Members

Users who have no activity in their accounts for a period of three months or above get their accounts suspended. Further inactivity in a suspended account for a period of 3 months will get the account terminated and its contents will be irrecoverable.

Test Sessions of Members in Ascenders Zone

Test Sessions of Members in Ascenders Zone

From time to time Test Sessions of Members are conducted to keep them motivated and warm them up in their working. To keep them mentally fit for their working they are passed through short Test Sessions. They are asked to help their down liners and keep monitoring their working. They should conduct small meetings with individuals to keep them on right track & active. Because new Members watch their seniors and up liners always with the hope of more knowledge, guidelines, technical tips and general awareness to deal with the public more skillfully. It has been observed that Test Session system makes the progress speedy.

Training sessions of all Centurion Ascenders

Training sessions of all Centurion Ascenders

In the Boardrooms Training Sessions of all Centurion Ascenders are conducted from time to time to equip them with the latest knowledge. Because knowledge is the best weapon for them like a soldier in battle – field. During the training, trainers check the ability of members also for assessment that they are serious to learn; they are paying attention to be professional in their working. Training’s are given them on different topics so that they may gain maximum knowledge.

Transitional Phase of Centurion Ascenders (XAT to http://www.centurion-ascenders.com)

Transitional Phase of Centurion Ascenders (XAT to http://www.centurion-ascenders.com)

Centurion Ascenders started Online Work at experimental basis on XAT. The results were encouraging and team worked with motivation and passion and moved faster towards their goal. After many hardships when Centurion Ascenders passed through the Transitional Phase it was certainly a difficult time but they continued with patience & determination with the hope of big reward and consequently the day came when new platform (http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/) was ready to work on it.

Vision Wills "Wallet"

“Vision Wallet”

All the financial transactions such as sending and receiving Dollars, Earning Commissions and Bonuses are being performed under the Vision Wallet section of the Business Platform.

Vision Wills Certificates

Vision Wills Certificates

If we talk about the present circumstances, uncertainty has prevailed everywhere in the world. Everyone has apprehensions about every new opportunity. So negativity is prevailed everywhere. People having positive mental approach are very few rather than those who have negative thoughts. They are in try to highlight negative angles and aspects of things. They always keep wearing spectacles of negativity intentionally or un-intentionally. They even try to dominate the people who have positive thoughts and are good habitually. Such people themselves neither be successful nor want others to be. They always try to make hindrances in the ways of others’ success. Keeping in view all these things Vision Wills has made all the possible arrangements to combat odd questions and objections from such type of people. So Vision Wills has provided all necessary proofs and relevant certificates for the satisfaction of such people who habitually have to be happened to raise unnecessary objections just for nothing. Even then Company feels its responsibility to make all the arrangements to their best satisfaction. So all documentary evidences have been displayed under the tab of “Vision Wills Certificates” at the Website of Centurion Ascenders.

Visitors Guidance to get the Project Presentation Video

Visitors Guidance to get the Presentation Video on Vision Wills Project

To facilitate those new visitors who have particular reference, Centurion Ascenders Team Members are available in the main room to guide them that they should go in Navigation Bar and click on the tab of “Presentation”. A form will open before them; they have to fill up that form (various columns of that form) and put the Reference ID (which they got from the post at Face Book or by the person who referred him/her to this site) in the relevant column and submit this form. Immediately system will give them access to the Presentation Room where they can watch the Business Presentation Video on this Project. After watching the Business Presentation Video the visitors have to come back in the Main Room again for further detailed briefing for the onward steps. 

Visitors referred in Briefing Room after watching the Presentation

Visitors referred in Briefing Room after watching the Project Presentation

Visitors who come after watching the Business Presentation Video, immediately after entering into the Main Room tell the Centurion Ascenders Team Members through chat Text Message that they have watched the Business Presentation Video and are ready to get further guidance. They are advised to go in Briefing Room for further guidance. There are 10 Briefing Rooms where Expert and qualified Trainers remain present all the time to guide the visitors simultaneously to get optimum results in a short time. There are both facilities are available to get briefing through voice chat and through chat text message in the briefing room. Click on Briefing Tab at the Top of this page, In the New Tab you will find “Guest Login” Check that Box and Enter Your Full Name in Username Box field and then click on Login, You will be enter in Briefing Room, First of all trainer asks the visitor(prospect) few questions from that Business Presentation to assess his/her knowledge about that presentation then afterwards detailed briefing is given to the visitor(prospect) about this Online Earning Project. Visitor (prospect) is also allowed to ask any question regarding this business or anything which is not clear to him/her out of that presentation. So through question/answer trainer tries to clear his/her concepts to the best satisfaction of visitor (prospect). At the end visitor (prospect) is given “WILL” and after full satisfaction visitor (prospect) is allowed to leave and take the time for making decision. When visitor (prospect) afterwards decides to join this platform he/she again contacts the seniors and trainers in the Main Room and makes request for the last step which is joining (sign up). This is the closing step.

What a Vision Wills Member has to do to Earn Commission from this Plan?

What to do to earn Commission in Vision Wills?

The plan entails a virtual tree where the Member has to introduce new Member to be able to earn commission. But this entire thing has been done with a twist. Unlike other MLM and Network Marketing Plans where a customer needs to introduce a number of customers on both sides of his virtual tree to be able to earn commission.

Commission on Vision Wills is generated upon the number of referrals on the Member’s virtual tree.

What is "Beneficiary" in Vision Wills Project?

What is “Beneficiary” in Vision Wills Project?

A Vision Wills Member who has been authorized to receive Dollars by another Member through Vision Wills Website Online Account. Without being beneficiary you can’t receive dollars from other Member. And to create a beneficiary Members need full access to account with Password, Pin Code & Security information to create a beneficiary.

What is "Business Platform" or "Dashboard" ?

What is “Business Platform” or “Dashboard” ?

This is primary hub for all Vision Wills related activities called “Dashboard“. The business platform is a virtual console provided to Vision Wills Members from where they can manage all their business activities, communications and online transactions.

What is "Carry Forward" in Vision Wills Project?

What is “Carry Forward” in Vision Wills Project?

Carry forward is pending payable Number of Heads in your Vision Wills Tree. Members who have additional sales besides meeting their designated group volume get carried forward to the next day where these pending volumes are adjusted with the new volume thus making the Member entitled for his/ her Step Reward Commission. So rest assures that your extra sale never goes wasted but it is carried forward to be adjusted in the next step.

What is Bonus Step is Vision Wills Project?

What is Bonus Step is Vision Wills Project?

Vision Bonus is a bonus awarded to newly sign up Members. If a Member manages to get a new Member directly under each side of his tree, he/ she gets awarded Vision Bonus which is 20$ + 05$ + 05$ = 30$.

What is Centurion Ascenders?

Centurion Ascenders Introduction

Thought of Centurion Ascenders has been derived from the concept of top World Professionals in the field of Network Marketing and Online Business at a level. Thoughts of individuals to transform into the unique ideas of systemized and collective effort of working group professionals & Toppers of this Century who have determined to achieve their goals as a team work and collective effort. All Members must be distinguished through their well-planned parameters of work which will have a worldwide effect by keeping in view their outstanding working efficiencies and to support a very noble cause to give projection to flourish the middle class of our society with new and unique theme of working which has never ever been introduced in the field of Network Marketing and all types of Online Business in the whole World.

What is Commission in Vision Wills Project?

What is Commission in Vision Wills Project?

Subjected to a Member’s Compensation Plan, commission is an amount that is earned by the Member once he/ she meets his/ her designated group volume.

What is Compensation Plan of Vision Wills Project?

What is Compensation Plan of Vision Wills Project?

Our unmatched Compensation Plan gives you several ways to earn generous commissions every week in direct proportion to your ability. As you build your business organization, you’ll earn commissions on the purchases of the Members in your down line. When your organization grows it enhances your income many times. In addition, you can take advantage of our revolutionary savings plan, which provides additional money to pay for the product of your dreams, until your savings reach to the price of the specific product.

The purpose and success of Company are directly affected by the hard work and spirit of our Members. Our unique Compensation Plan gains plenty of attention. Keeping in view the Direct Selling, our Career and Compensation Plan is one of the most profitable in the industry. Our step-by-step plan guides you through the process of building your business, helping you take advantage of growing globally. Company members can also plug into a truly seamless global system from day one, a rarity in direct sales.

We are dedicated to help you and this includes giving you the opportunity to create your own attractive, practical, and ultimate financially successful business. Our Binary Compensation Plan reflects this dedication, as it gives every Independent Member the best opportunity for direct-selling success. A plan that establishes a departure from the traditional multi-level marketing to Network Marketing and Direct Sales to provide people better earning opportunity with their own ease.

Our Binary Compensation Plan has eliminated the drawbacks which were thought to be immaterial or useless in direct-selling plans. Here are some of the benefits of our unique Binary Compensation Plan: By building a team and developing a solid base of clients, you can begin to realize financial success. Unlimited depth and limited width from which you can earn commissions. Commissions are paid weekly.

Team members are rewarded to help you build a successful team. It enhances their interest to do efforts with you to make you successful because your success is our success. Success among members is broad and evenly distributed; the plan is fair to everyone. In this system of network everyone tries to help others and in return he is helped by some others to boost his business, to grow the team very fast to enjoy the fruits of team-work. This is collective effort. Everyone is helping down line team members irrespective of their own interest. This is the spirit which we create in our team to promote our slogan “Let’s Fly Together” practically.

Getting Started ¤ You can start building your business by finding new members. When you purchase products – and share those with your friends and family, so that they also purchase to start their Online Business immediately– you will begin to accumulate points from each sale, either by you or by your team members. You’ll need to generate a certain number of points to reach a certain level for payout – this is your step reward.


Do you think it’s difficult? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our Binary Compensation Plan is built to help you to succeed, and it centers on teamwork. The points your team members accumulate individually are pooled together into your Points. It’s your Sales – the amount of points your team accumulates together – determines the size of your Commissions.

Building Your Business Center ¤ You’ll need to sponsor two members to join your organization (for example, Ali and Babar in Figure A). These team members will form the left and right sides of your 


Business Center, and as the three of you find new customers and sponsor new team members, your Business Center will begin to grow. For example, suppose you sponsored a third new Member named ‘F’. You must place ‘F’ in an open position somewhere in your organization, so you place him on the right side of your Business Center under Babar. Not only will you benefit from the volume ‘F’ generates as he builds his own business, but Babar will be benefited from his efforts as well. The cooperative structure of our Binary Compensation Plan allows you and your team members to build successful business by working together.

How We Stand Out ¤ Our unmatched Compensation Plan gives you several ways to earn generous commissions every week in direct proportion to your ability to sell products to customers and build an organization of Independent Members who do the same. As you build your business organization, you’ll earn commissions on the purchases of the members in your down line. When your organization grows, so does your income. In addition, you can take advantage of our revolutionary savings plan, which provides additional money to pay for the product of your dreams, until your savings reach to the price of the specific product.

The beauty of our Binary Compensation Plan lies heavily in the fact that ¤→ You only need to sponsor two people to qualify for commissions. You are paid heavy commissions in both ways on either by direct sponsoring or by your team Members. Every Member you sponsor is placed under all the other Members in your down-line, by this they ultimately get motivated.

How to Succeed ¤ Success is simple. Share our exclusive, innovative Products and Unique Financial Opportunity with all those, who you think deserve a better prosperous life in your friends and family and earn income that gives you & your family financial security for life, you have ever dreamed about.

Power of a Well Managed System ¤ When it comes down to actually introducing new Members let’s face it. Suppose some people aren’t as good at recruiting as they could be. But when you have a “System” that does a lot of work for you where people just sign up without you even talking to them well that just raises growth in your organization, and build a business at a pace you want. Everyone will have a different strategy. Some want this system and some won’t, but just having it in your resources allows your entire team to grow faster to grow together and above all with teamwork – Check it out for proof.

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What is Direct Introduction Commission? / What is Direct Reward Bonus?

What is Direct Introduction Commission? / What is Direct Reward Bonus?

It is a commission which is given to a Member on the purchases made by directly introduced Customers/Members by him/her. This may also be called as Bonus on Direct Sales which is given to the introducer on each direct entry other than routine earned commission.

What is Earning Plan of Vision Wills?

Earning Plan of Vision Wills

Vision Wills has introduced marvelous Earning Plan. Despite of the fact that every Network Marketing based claims to come up with a unique or ingenious reward plans for their customer, the result usually ends up the same item wrapped in a different and flashy wrapper. Vision Wills on the other hand thrives on innovativeness and therefore offers a Compensation Plan tailored for the customer yet flexible enough to grow as the customer grows. You are bound to have prosperity once you make a purchase through Vision Wills.

The Smart Reward Plan Breakdown: When we say smart, we mean it. Vision Will’s Smart Reward Plan owes its title to its malleability and adoptability. Instead of being rooted in pre-determined, pre-set plans where a Member is bound to make an unwanted purchase, Vision Wills’ Smart Reward Plan simply generates an exciting and lucrative plan depending on the amount the Member has spent at the time of shopping.

What is Earning Theme of Vision Wills?

Earning Theme of Vision Wills

Vision Wills has given the most advanced plan with multiple benefits as compared to all other companies doing online business in the World. Working team of Vision Wills comprises on very professional and high caliber people. They worked for years to plan the Online Business which may something special with charm and attraction in working with respect to the income and fast growing financial benefits in long term planning. So that it may supersede to fulfill the needs of networkers working at the platform of Vision Wills with determination to get the best possible rewards as compared to any other company. Credit goes to Vision Wills’ working team who decided to do something revolutionary and something extraordinary, so they honored their commitment and did it in its extreme. They gave unique plan, Combination of Network Marketing and Direct Sales which is extraordinary amazing. Above all they have given a slogan to all the Vision Wills Members “Let’s fly together”. Which conveys the concept of collective effort and team work and takes the whole team to the upstream that ensures to make bright future and to make all dreams come true.

What is Flush Out Limit in Vision Wills?

What is Flush Out Limit in Vision Wills?

This is daily maximum earning cap over a Member. Calculation based on the Compensation Plan. A Member cannot earn more than a certain amount per day and the access income is flushed out. The maximum earning of a Member per day is called Flush Out.

What is Main Room at Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center?

“Lounge” Main Room

When new visitors login at http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/ they at their first step receive Warm Welcome by the team of Centurion Ascenders at Lounge. Which is the first good impression and gives them confidence to move forward and get information about this Vision Wills Online Business. They are so motivated that they become impatient to get knowledge about this work. They even don’t like to wait for few minutes. Main Room which has been provided for new visitors to get guidance about Vision Wills Online Business. Keeping in view the huge capacity of new visitors coming day to day in this Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center Main room in the Lounge has been provided which is enough for the time being. During the working of first few weeks after launching this platform it has been noticed that this Main Room will be over crowded very soon because there is great rush of new visitors who are coming and joining on daily basis Al-hamd-o-Lillah.

What is Purpose of Lobby Tab?

Lobby Tab at Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center

Lobby is an information corner for all important things. This is accessible for all new visitors who visit this website ( http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/ ) We propose every visitor to visit the Lobby to get more information and knowledge.

What is Slogan of Centurion Ascenders?

Centurion Ascenders Slogan

Centurion Ascenders have revealed new ways of projection the enthusiasm and passion to trend setters in this Era. It has been observed that 100% people out of those who have visited Centurion-Ascenders’ Website have passed extra-ordinary outstanding comments in appreciation of Centurion Ascenders’ new working theme & the passion and motivation projected through our Slogan “Let’s Fly Together – Sky is the Limit”. It is general observation that society irrespective of humanity is being divided into different groups with different classification like wealth, poverty, third world, under world, sects, civilized nations, non-civilized nations etc. All exist on this earth but reason is misbalancing of power and wealth. Humanity has been divided in different classes. Only there are two classes, Lower Class and Upper Class. Now middle Class does not exist. So in such critical circumstances it is Vision Wills who took the pious step to come forward for the support of Lower Class by giving them right to survive and offered ecommerce plans of earning with mart work. Centurion Ascenders have come forward to help this noble cause for the prosperity of human beings. Centurion Ascenders have planned a wonderful platform to sophisticate & to give more projection to the noble cause of Vision Wills.

What is Step Reward Commission?

What is Step Reward Commission?

When in your tree there are 3 new entries on your left side and 3 new entries on your right side. Your Commission is considered to be due at the completion of this step. Company has no concern whether you make these new entries or anybody from your team. You will get the commission which is 30$. This is called Step Reward Commission.

What is Value of "VISION DOLLAR"?

What is Value of “VISION DOLLAR”?

This is Vision Wills Currency. It may be used in communication somewhere else. This is equal to US Dollar. But commonly it will be called as Dollar ($).

What is Vision Bonus?

What is Vision Bonus?

Vision Bonus is a bonus awarded to newly sign up Members. If a Member manages to get a new Member directly or indirectly under each side of his tree within one month of his sign up date, Vision Bonus will be awarded to him/her which is 20 dollars. If he/she introduces these new Members one on left and one on right side by himself/herself Direct Reward Bonus will also be paid which is 5 dollars on each entry. So 5$+5$ that Member will be paid 10$ on these first 2 entries and he/she will get 20$+10$= 30$ Vision Bonus as first commission.

What is Vision Wills?

Vision Wills Introduction

Vision wills is the addition of Wonderful name of company which has some unbelievable and unpredictable changes in its mind blowing plan of having unique standards of Online Business in the World of Online Business Companies. Vision Wills Company did a long effort of planning through its Think Tank before launching. This Think Tank has an excellent past history of professionalism on their credit. They have had numerous long sessions of discussions and deliberations through not only weeks, months but years in the planning of Vision Wills. They took its plan in different angles and multiple dimensions so that it could be free of all shortcomings, discrepancies like a legislative team before law making by having consideration & deliberations about all depths, all short and deep corners where nothing could be left to provide various benefits and privileges at all aspects to the people of all levels in the society. Because there are thousands of companies in the field of Network Marketing and Online Business with different mottos and different planning. This was Vision Wills which came forward to give something very much different and very much special in the field of Online Business in all over the World.

What is Working Theme of Centurion Ascenders?

Working Theme of “Centurion Ascenders”

Platform of Centurion Ascenders has actually been developed as a subsidiary platform to speed up working and enhance the potential of our Members for Network Marketing on Vision Wills Platform. Efforts of Vision Wills team were admirable indeed. Centurion Ascenders Team being more energetic decided to go some steps ahead and in addition to that they intended to bring cataclysm in the field of Online Business by introducing a new Working Theme. And a team of professionals and experts started working on it. After few months’ struggle they got success and developed an excellent platform “Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center” which is located at http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/ For Centurion Ascenders Team there are provided multiple facilities at this platform to boost up the working capacity of whole team. This is tremendous platform where Centurion Ascenders will do 10% work and get 100% results. This will give them immensely huge benefit to boost up their working and to make their dreams come true in a very short time through working at Vision Wills platform. This is matter of pleasure and great satisfaction for Centurion Ascenders Team that they have contributed something for on coming down liners to make working more easy & steadfast which will motivate them in their passion. They will be more proud of being Vision Wills Members. As they have slogan “Let’s Fly Together – Sky is the Limit” by this platform which enhances their spirit of working all the time. People who contact to all the Social Media Websites like Twitter, Face Book, multiple Job Searching Sites, Skype, Yahoo, Hotmail, G mail, and all other Social searching units can have access to Centurion Ascenders Online Support Center to get useful results. All such needy people can get 100% result oriented response to the best of their satisfaction. Even though at this early stage, daily response from all over the World shows that such needy people are getting solutions of their financial problems in current situation where everyone is frustrated due to not having suitable source of income. Job places have tough competition which may either be in shape of educational qualification, skill, experience, or bribe. Keeping in view all matters Centurion Ascenders have made this working theme very soft and accessible for everyone. In spite of that all, efforts of Centurion Ascenders will continue to make innovative changes to update this platform which may be sufficient to meet all the needs of every class of Society with utmost ease.

When Centurion Ascenders started its working?

When Centurion Ascenders started its working?

At last Centurion Ascenders found reward of their day & night struggle in the shape of Website Address: http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/ which was launched on First week of January, 2014. Credit and appreciations are reserved for Pioneer Centurion Ascenders who got motivation by the concentrated thoughts to bring something special on to this platform. Everyone was feeling very happy on this breakthrough.

Why to be part of Vision Wills Project?

Commission Ratio of Earning Plan

Keeping in view common man thinking that why to be part of Vision Wills? And the answer comes in mind with few points;

♠→Flexible Compensation Plan.

♠→System free from tedious head count.

♠→Referrals’ based commission generation.

♠→Vision Bonus Commission for motivation at first step by making 2 entries.