10% Work VS 90% Work

This is the main thing on which it needs to pay attention for new prospects and visitors who visit the website with the intention to join the Vision Wills Online Earning Platform to make their families prosperous and financially sound in the current critical circumstances. This factor for which the Centurion Ascenders Team after a great struggle made a new Online Working Platform (http://www.centurion-ascenders.com/) with the name of “Centurion Ascenders Online Business Information & Support Center”. This factor makes distinguished whole Centurion Ascenders Team from all the Manual Working Teams and Groups working either on Vision Wills Platform or any other Online Business doing company. This point (10% work vs. 90% work) distinguishes Centurion Ascenders Team from other Manual Working Groups. According to the new working theme of Centurion Ascenders every new prospect who joins Vision Wills Platform through Centurion Ascenders has to work only 10% in the beginning while remaining 90% work is being done by the trainers and seniors through this Online Support Center. And for this 10% work every new member is provided training’s like I-T Training, e-Commerce, I-Banking & Confidence Building Sessions and full knowledge about this Vision Wills Online Earning Platform. Every new member is supposed to do only 10% work in the beginning until the time when he/she becomes the senior. In this 10% work he/she has to invite friends and new prospects into this Online Support Center and Member has to advise new prospect to go in the Navigation Menu. Where he/she will find a tab “Presentation” click on that tab and a form will open before him/her. Fill up that form and there is an option of Reference ID. Member has to give his/her Vision Wills User ID to put in that column. After completion submit that form and he/she will get access to Presentation Room. Then after watching the Business Presentation Video with full concentration he/she has to come back in Lounge Main Room for further guidance. For detailed briefing, questions & queries regarding this online working until he/she is fully satisfied. Then he/she is given “will” to take accurate decision with making his mind clear that this is team work and all seniors and trainers will be available to help him. This is collective effort & support to make this journey more pleasant & successful. Because we think “Let’s Fly Together”, we are like a Family. According to basic concept seniors and trainers know that their success is connected with the success of down liners. So they never ignore this fact.

Best Start Award:

Best Start Award is special appreciation from Centurion Ascenders on completion of Bonus Step in the calculated time frame

7 x 7 Silver Award:

This Special Award is presented to the Member in recognition of extra ordinary effort and completion of Special Step of 7 x 7 in targeted time. This Award is special appreciation from Centurion Ascenders.

Special Certification:

This Award is Special Appreciation to the person having excellent ability to deliver Live Briefing and performing a role like a Lantern for forthcoming Members at Centurion Ascenders Platform.


Moderator Level is the first responsible level at Centurion Ascenders platform. This Award is recognition of Managerial Skills & Caliber.

Senior Moderator:

Senior Moderator is the most responsible position at Centurion Ascenders Platform and this award recognize the ability of the person to whom is being awarded with this Excellence Award.


Trainer level is the 2nd highest position of Centurion Ascenders. This Excellence Award is recognition of ability & caliber of the person to whom is being awarded with this Achievement Award.

Senior Trainer:

This is the highest Certification from Centurion Ascenders to the person who deserve due to his extra ordinary knowledge, leadership qualities and abilities.